Why Journalism?

Being on your school newspaper or yearbook staff is like:

…having your own company because it’s all us. Each person is responsible. We actually are making something that people can have.

…being on a team — just like in sports. You have to help each other out.

…the excitement of a roller coaster! Ups, downs, deadlines, laughs.

….a family. We’re all in different grades and have different interests, but we’re friends.

…doing the hardest work you can do that you will still love.

Journalism students do better.

Research shows that kids who participate in high school journalism do better in major academic areas. They score higher on ACT standardized exams than their peers. They write better. And, they value being involved in co-curricular and community activities. (Source: Journalism Kids Do Better).


It’s a 21st-century classroom.

Watch this video about the TORCH produced by recent graduate Michael Nordstrom (’11)!

The TORCH newspaper and PROFILE yearbook offer hands-on, critical thinking experiences for students. In these advanced courses, the students collaborate to determine the content and design. The faculty advisers, while knowledgeable journalism teachers, are coaches for the students in learning best practices in scholastic journalism.

Practicing scholastic journalism means students learn to exercise freedoms; weigh and make judgements; take risks and learn from mistakes; strive for truth and balance in coverage; embrace integrity; dig into ideas and explore issues; communicate through writing, speech, art, and technology; and grow as thoughtful, independent thinkers.


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