Winter Trimester

What do we do in Intro to Journalism?

Introduction to Journalism is a trimester course. Students learn basics of journalism interviewing, writing, design, photography, and multimedia production. We also address legal and ethical issues that face reporters, photographers, and editors. We talk about current news and what shapes this news. And, we try to get students quickly involved with our media program and producing content for the publications and social media sites. What we do in our beginning course prepares students to be the contributors and student leaders of the TORCH newspaper and the PROFILE yearbook.

Some of the areas/issues we cover in the Introduction to Journalism class:

  • interviewing techniques
  • choosing news, news elements / what influences coverage
  • news writing practices: balance, objectivity, and accuracy
  • news storytelling forms
  • feature and profile stories
  • sports writing previews, reviews, features
  • opinion/editorial writing & reviews
  • writing / posting with new media: Twitter & other social media sites
  • photography basics and artistic style
  • designing pages and basic elements of color/typography
  • staff Editorial Guide and practices by staff members
  • media law, community standard, and ethics
  • Associated Press style / publication guide rules
Now you are ready to join in with the Torch or Profile!
          Who: You
          What: Invited to join our staff newspaper Torch and/or yearbook Profile
          When: Upon successful completion of the Intro course and/or Adviser approval
          Where: We are a class and meet daily in Room 70 / Pub Lab
          Why:  Fun!  Learning!  Friends!
         How? Go see your counselor to sign up!