Instructor/Adviser contact:

Stacy Haynes-Moore
Instructor, Introduction to Journalism
Adviser, Torch newspaper
Certified Journalism Educator (CJE), Journalism Education Association
Language Arts Department, Kennedy High School
>>Contact via e-mail:
>> or school phone: 319.558.2251
>> or use snail post: 4545 Wenig Road NE / Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

TORCH Editorial Staff Contact

Torch May 2011

Adviser Code of Ethics
Media advisers will:
• Model standards of professional journalistic conduct to students, administrators and others.
• Empower students to make decisions of style, structure and content by creating a learning atmosphere where students will actively practice critical thinking and decision making.
• Encourage students to seek out points of view and to explore a variety of information sources in their decision making.
• Ensure students have a free, robust and active forum for expression without prior review or restraint.
• Emphasize the importance of accuracy, balance and clarity in all aspects of news gathering and reporting.
• Show trust in students as they carry out their responsibilities by encouraging and supporting them in a caring learning environment.
• Remain informed on press rights and responsibilities to provide students with sources of legal information.
• Advise, not act as censors or decision makers.
• Display professional and personal integrity in situations which might be construed as potential conflicts of interest.
• Support free expression for others in local and larger communities.
• Counsel students to avoid deceptive practices in all practices of publication work.
• Model effective communications skills by continuously updating knowledge of media education.

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