Congratulations, Intro to Media/Journalism students! Done. Finished. Complet-o. You’re moving on.

What are some things you shared in your end-of-term reflection about taking Intro to Media/Journalism?

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So, next stop for you?

 Look in the Kennedy Program of Studies to register for Yearbook-Profile, Newsmagazine-Torch, Digital Photography, Graphic Design. The Intro to Media/Journalism is offered again in 2015-2016.

For sure! I encourage you to check out these electives. Senior student editors lead the daily class and oversee the student publications. Try them! You will love being a part of our school’s outstanding media programs. You can take journalism electives more than once. You can take them yet this year, or you can wait until your interest strike or as your time allows in a future semester.

And a quick review of what you gained, learned about, and/or put into real practice……

  • awareness of current events and news
  • media history,events and people
  • interviewing skills and approaches
  • story gathering and writing processes
  • determining and finding source types
  • understanding reasons for why news is selected as news
  • writing like a journalist
  • more story-writing processes: drafting, revising, editing
  • ways to hear and give feedback to improve others’ writing
  • photo composition and photo techniques
  • design elements and layout principles
  • writing Q/A, profiles, reviews, features, opinions, news, breaking news…
  • learning about blogs (and blogging)
  • social media, web, and print convergence
  • intro to editing and Associated Press Style
  • importance of your staff policy/editorial policies
  • learning about media/press laws and considering media ethics

See some of you Term 2 in the next step. Journalism 2 (Ybk or Nwsmg). Happy turkey break. ### Mrs. HM


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