Generating ideas for EDITORIALS

Wednesday, 10-15-14 / Beginning Editorial Writing

Some topics of today’s class discussion included:

What is an editorial? How can these stories influence or inform people’s views?

What are  3 types of editorials? What kinds of topics can be covered?

Next step:

What’s going on in current news – local, state, national, global? In sports or politics?

In health or education?  In music or entertainment?

Your assignment: find 3-5 current news stories. List story and where you found/read it, then offer a 2-3 sentence opinion about the story. We’ll use these as discussion starters for tomorrow.


News Topic #1 > Students are taking PSATs today across the nation. I found a story on this here:

Topic 1 > My viewpoint from reading the story? I think that….



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