Review stories look promising….

Your stories are looking great so far — the leads, the ideas, the information. I’m excited to hear and see what you have for Monday’s class. Directions for the Review Story are below — as discussed in class — and also they are available in Canvas.


  1. We brainstormed topics — music, restaurant, store at the mall, shoes, sports event, video game, movie, television show, etc…..
  2. Remember you need to “do” or “visit” or take part in this topic to review it.
  3. Establish 3-5 key “criteria” or categories.
  4. Include Ws
  5. Include sensory details
  6. Include information you can find online. Attribute/give credit to the source of this information.
  7. Feel free to include others’ views who were with you/you talk to about this product/event.
  8. Unlike hard news story writing, it’s okay to use first-person words.
  9. Try for a review story range between 500-1000 words.
  10. When you place this story on your blog, try adding media (picture or video) to complement your story. Look above for the button “Add Media.”
  11. When you please this story on your blog, add a couple hyperlinks within the story. You could link to the store, link to the corporation, link to the movie theater, etc.
  12. Proofread and edit. Have someone else proofread and edit. Publish.

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