Midterm update

A reporter captures the source's comments.

A reporter captures the source’s comments.

Congrats on your first six weeks of learning to think and write like a journalist. You have several writing pieces and midterm test scores that show you’re making progress. So far, this class has focused on learning:

    • to become aware of current events in school, local, national, & global scene
    • purposes that editors select news for coverage
    • different ‘types’ of storytelling — soft news and hard news
    • interviewing techniques and behaviors
    • Source types to find and use — primary, secondary, experts
    • to plan out your ideas and consider different angles
    • how to capture and gather accurate and balanced information
    • how to organize with leads, facts, and quotations
    • processes of writing, revising, and publishing

Your first set of “official” news stories will be submitted to the student editors/web team for KennedyTorch.Org. Already, your classmate Rowan Bergan had her story picked up and published by Torch  — it was the Duck, Duck, Goose fundraising event. Congrats!


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