9-30-14 Your news story gets underway

Reporters, you gathered facts and viewpoints from your sources. You read about the different lead types, and you have a beginning understanding of how to weave all the information together.

1. Write 3 different leads for your story. Post 3 leads on your blog. Title this entry “Lead Starters.” Then ask 2 other persons in class to read your leads and give you feedback. Which do they like the best? Why? Use their feedback to make your lead selection.

2. Dig in with the writing of your story. Use the class handout as a guide to start pulling your story information together.  Use Microsoft word to write the story up/draft it up. When you have your draft ready, add it to your blog. Title it “Story Draft 9-30.” Ask for 2 other persons in class to read your story and give you feedback. What ideas do they have for improving your lead? For improving the organization?

3. Complete your story. Add your finished writing on the blog. Add a headline of 3-4 words. Make sure to proofread the story. Ask 2 other people in class to read it and notice any edits that need to be made. Make corrections. Publish/update.


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