Next blogging assigment…Sept. 24-26

This information is also available on Canvas/Class calendar.

There are three entries (2 short and 1 longer) for your blog to be completed. We started some of this on paper in class on Thursday, Sept. 25. Today we are working on these blogs in class Friday, Sept. 26. You will finish (as needed) this assignment over the weekend.

1. New Blog Entry 9-24-14 (add date to your blog entry)

Talk to me about how your own story report is going. Ws the topic of your story? What’s the angle? Who have been your best interviews so far? Lastly, what interview(s) do you still need to accomplish? Remember, your “draft” story (meaning the write-up of your own interviews/topic) is due in class on Tuesday.


2. New Blog Entry 9-25-14 (add date to your blog entry)

What did you learn about journalism and/or being a reporter from Mr. Ogden’s visit? Explain.


3. New Blog Entry 9-26-14 (add date to your blog on the site)

Okay! Now here is Mr. Ogden’s visit story! Yesterday in class we worked with leads – ways to hook our readers, to start the story. Write a news brief about his visit. Choose a lead style and dig in. Try to follow the format we’ve talked about: lead, Ws, quotations, summary information quotations, summary information, etc. You can do this! 🙂


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