Welcome, reporters!

For: Friday, Sept. 5

Photographer: Thomas Hawk Shared by: www.CreativeCommons.com

A reporter interviews a police captain outside a San Francisco station.
Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Shared via: http://www.CreativeCommons.com

Blog Assignment 1: Okay Intro to Media reporters, here is your first “blog” assignment. There are 3 simple (right?!) steps to this plan: 1. Get yourself a blog like we discussed/viewed in class. (Try either WordPress.com or Tumblr.com) 2. Once you’re in your own blog, then log out. Yes, do this. Log out. Because then you have to figure out how to log back in. When you “log out” then you leave your blog’s “back-end-operations” where you make posts of content. 3. Now, go view it as if you’re a visitor!  Don’t log in, but go to the site itself to see what it looks like to others. What’s the web address a visitor needs to get there? Send this web address to me via email: shaynes-m@cr.k12.ia.us

Here are student blog addresses so far. Check your site to make sure it works and looks the way you expect!